Elegant Elements WPBakery Add-on

Dual Heading

Display stylish heading with different colors and typography options for each.
This will help you to highlight important part in your heading.

Elegant Elements

for WPBakery Page Builder

A Must Have WPBakery Page Builder Add-on, Comes With 50+ Custom Elements to Help You Build Websites Faster than Ever

Unlimited Customization Possibilities

You can control the borders, backgrounds, and fonts for each heading part. Let’s see how it works with some examples with different settings and styling. You can achieve more than what you’ll see here –

Border &


Adding background and the borders around the heading text
will instantly add awesomeness to your headings.


Border Styles

Why limit the styling with border styles? You got’em all 🙂
You can control the border style, size and colors accordingly.

Thin and


Heading looks more awesome if they can get bolder looks for
the talking words. You have options to set the different font families, font-size and different colors per heading


Border position

Not just that, you can control the border position to display all borders or only single side like top, bottom, left, and right side border to make the headings look stylish and elegant



Do you love colors? Show them on your website with gradient backgrounds for your dual headings. You can add different color gradient backgrounds to each sub-heading



Do not limit your creativity. With border radius option, you can add that curve to the sub-headings in the dual styled heading and make it look even more beautiful