Elegant Elements WPBakery Add-on

Features you can rely on

Elegant Elements for WPBakery is packed with features that you need every time
you design a new website or alter the existing one

Row & Column Background Slider

Adding an image or a video to your row background makes it look nice, how about adding the image slider? Yes, you can add an image slider to your row background and the column background as well with many awesome animations as well.

Row & Column Background Gradients

Gradient backgrounds add another layer of awesome styles for your rows and columns. You can control the gradient top and bottom colors and positions. Setting up the gradient over an image with transparent colors will make it look even more beautiful.

50+ Unique Elements

Elegant Elements for WPbakery Page Builder add-on provides you with 50+ unique and beautifully crafted elements that will help build your websites in no time. All the elements are 100% frontend editor compatible, meaning you can design your site live!

Context Menu

Context menu or the right-click menu offers you the flexibility to design your website and help you speed up things like copy element styles, insert elements before or after a certain element, and also let you copy any element’s shortcode to insert anywhere.

Powerful Form Builder

Elegant Elements provides you with the most powerful form builder using WPBakery Page Builder. You can design any kind of forms including the multi-step forms. You can send your data anywhere using the webhooks or get an email update.

Header & Footer Builder

Why rely on premium themes to add nice headers and footers to your website when you can design your own custom header and footer right with your favourite Page Builder? Now design complete website with WPBakery Page Builder.

Favourite Elements

It become very hard to find the element that you use frequently when there are number of elements. With Elegant Elements, you can now set your frequently used elements as favourites and access them in a separate tab and first in the list of elements

Mega Menu Builder

Navigation is the most important part of every website and if you have too many menu items that you need to manage using a mega menu feature, you either need to purchase premium theme or a plugin. Now, with Elegant Elements,  you don’t need to!