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Favorite Elements

Often times, when you build a new website and use a few elements frequently, it is a bit time-consuming task to find that element you want to use in the number of elements of WPBakery Page Builder, specially if you’re using an add-on like Elegant Elements which provides 50+ custom elements.

Do you know? you can set your frequently used elements as favourite and access them faster on the top of the element list or in a separate tab called “Favourites”. We found this small feature having a big impact when we build new website from scratch for a client and it helped us saving a few hours per project which we invested to add some cosmetics to our client websites, which actually resulted in more work from the same client 🙂

Let’s take a look at the feature and how you can use it with a small video. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to get new video updates as we upload them.


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